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ISMA international school was established in 2013 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Already in the first year of work we obtained positive feedback around the country, and started to develop rapidly, opening our centers in different cities of Kazakhstan and near abroad.

Owing to constant creative search, improvement of own teaching methodologies, use of new technics and approaches in training we were holders of various awards and ranks. So, for example by results of 2016 our school was awarded by the National certificate «Pride of education 2016». In the same year our school was accepted to the international association on mental arithmetic «PAMA GlobalAssociation» (PanPacificAbacus&MentalArithmeticAssociation).

Today ISMA is one of the largest networks of mental arithmetic schools in CIS. Over 15 000 children study in 150 our centers from 8 countries.

Gulzhan Berdibekova

I am glad to welcome you on the website of «ISMA» International school. The goal of my work is making contribution into intellectual development of children.

I believe that a new generation, studying in ISMA schools, will acquire new skills and knowledge, which will help to generate ideas, propose creative and highly efficient approaches when solving many tasks in life. Future development, prosperity and success of every country are in children!

Our mission

Our school was established for the purpose of promoting intellectual potential growth of Kazakhstan future – children at the age from 5 to 16. Exactly for this purpose the founder of the school developed author’s methodologies of teaching mental arithmetic, high speed reading and calligraphy, which are not just innovative, but also adapted programs for development of intellectual abilities of children . The best experience of modern international schools and multi-century practical knowledge are harmoniously combined in «ISMA» methodologies. We strive that each child grew up unique and could make his contribution into development of his country and even of the whole world!    

Our task

The major task of «ISMA» is to teach a young generation to think creatively, synchronously involving both brain hemispheres. Only in that way children will be able to find the quickest and right solutions of any questions, easily cope with non-standard life situations and be the best. Acquisition of these abilities is possible owing to teaching children to do two different actions in brain hemispheres simultaneously, for example, imagine abacus, in the meantime concentrating attention and using logics to make arithmetic calculations. Can you do that? And your child can!    

Our values

  • Any child is a personality. We work individually with every personality.
  • Study quality for us is above all. Our major goal is a high result.
  • The core value of our school – professional pedagogues dedicated to their affair, and who achieved high rates of academic progress of their educatees.
  • We are not at a stop, every day the whole team of methodologists improves the training program. We are developing, and with joy accept everyone, who will develop together with us.

How we work

Our lessons are similarly interesting both to successful children, children, who take an active part in Olympiads and children with difficulties in study. The thing is in a pedagogic approach. We think that knowledge acquired with joy, are learnt more efficiently and used more actively. Exciting lessons are waiting for children, where they not only sit at a desk and deal with exercises for calculation, logics, speed and etc., but also play specifically selected active games.    

About the portal

Possibilities of the online portal:


  • Fulfilling home assignments by students for reinforcing and training skills and knowledge
  • Fulfilling tasks for development of logics, attention, photographic memory
  • Control, statistics and analysis of academic progress by instructors or parents
  • Schedule planning (fulfilling tasks step-by-step) by instructors


Satisfied parents and children – this is what allows us being proud of our work!    

Our certificates

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