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Author of the methodology - Gulzhan Berdibekova

The methodology will help your child in an easy and fascinating manner to have a beautiful handwriting. In the modern world, when a keyboard is used more frequently instead of a pen, the ability to write beautifully and properly is of great value!

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Calligraphy will teach:

The methodology will help your child to develop his gifts, which you even did not suspect of.

Write beautifully,
correctly and quickly

Sit correctly,
maintain a posture

information well

Be concentrated
and industrious

Organize work
and work place

About our methodology

Writing skills are acquired by children with great effort. In the very beginning this process seems to be complicated and laborious. Hands get tired, letters and words turn out to be not like of adults: crooked, not beautiful and awkward. All children learn writing in different ways. Some of them very soon start to write quickly, calligraphically, and others face difficulties. If handwriting is not corrected in due time, it will be left awkward for the rest of the life. Highly qualified pedagogues of ISMA school help to solve this problem both of children and adults.

Forget your doubts and anxiety, trust details to a specialist and share our confidence that it is possible to change your handwriting in any age. The ability to write is not laid in a child genetically, but appears as the result of learning and skill training. 

At the beginning a hand will be very disobedient , but patience, attentiveness and purposefulness will bring success with no doubt. 

Totally for 3 months (32 lessons) handwriting will become dynamic and readable, having preserved its individuality.

What is the secret?

1. A unique methodology with a lesson-by-lesson described study guide.

2. Authors exercisers handwriting worksheets for automation and development of a writing speed.

3. Individual approach with due regard to special features of every student.

Fulfilling tasks in handwriting worksheets a student trains: writing speed, endurance of monotonous work, ability to complete a started affair, self-control, will power.    

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How lessons in ISMA are organized

The learning process is set up in such a manner, so that not only to provide each student with knowledge, but also mold strive to develop continuously and apply it in life.

2 levels:
- “Level 1” (preparation)
- “Level 2” (writing)

Experienced pedagogues psychologists, who were trained by the“Calligraphy” program , run lessons

A child fulfills home assignments through our unique online portal

Course duration - 3 months (32 lessons)

Not more than 13 students study in groups

Language of study: Russian, Kazakh

Lessons are run by 60 minutes 3 times per week

Fragments of lessons

Our students are the most talented and diligent ones!

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A little bit about us

Since 2013 “ISMA” International School is successfully working on the market of supplementary educational services. Today ISMAis one of the largest networks of mental arithmetic schools in CIS. Over 15 000 children study in our 150 centers in 8 countries. Our students successfully take part at international contests on mental arithmetic, held by the largest mental arithmetic associations in the world. And all this became possible owing to an efficient unique developed methodology, which is unrivaled throughout the world.


Satisfied parents and children – this is what allows us being proud of our work!

Frequently asked questions

Parents ask us different questions. Below are the most common.

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