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Speed Reading

Author of the methodology - Gulzhan Berdibekova

The methodology develops brain work, resulting in increasing in a speed of reading and understanding of the read text. If in a traditional sense reading is performed line-by-line due to speaking aloud or inwardly, then here a brain owing to a system of special exercises starts to read information vertically. Child’s resources increase, he manages to study easier. He feels freer and happier and you together with him.

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Speed reading will teach:

The methodology will help your child to develop his gifts, which you even did not suspect of.

Read at a speed
of 1,500 words / min.
and higher with
a qualitative
understanding of text

Work out
a book with a volume
of 300 pages per hour

Do homework
3 times faster

Remember information
at 1 dash

Easily pass exams
and any tests

About our methodology

High speed reading lessons enable to solve problems, which children face when studying at school. Often childs academic progress falls down due to constantly increasing information flow. A child cannot manage to read everything, which is required from him at school, often does not understand completely the read text, and is forced to learn it by heart. It takes a great amount of time and effort from him, and discourages to study, read and gain new knowledge.

Our unique methodology is designed to solve these problems of not only children, but adults as well.

What is the difference of our methodology of speed reading teaching from other methodologies?

1. We teach children and adults not only to read quickly, but also understand consciously the read text!

2. We teach to retell the read text correctly. For this purpose, elements of rhetoric, oratorical skills, formulating and stating own opinion regarding the read text are included into the process of study. As the result of which fear of public speaking that is frequently encountered in children, is overcome. These skills are trained through special psychological games.

3. We put a great emphasis on training correct reading technics, remove regressions, and teach to read inwardly correctly without automatic articulation, which decreases the total speed of reading.

4. During study we teach children and adults to single out important details in a text correctly.

5. We use special technics of quick reading. After reading a student should retell a text, and then questions are asked on the text, whereas, understanding of the text in percentage, singling out and remembering important details are in control.

6. During study skills of attention concentration are trained. It trains a habit of paying attention to any, even small details.

7. Due to the fact that high speed reading programs are quite short (from 1 to 2 months, depending upon a mode of attendance), a special educational online portal was developed in order to maintain acquired skills and capabilities. Training at the portal a student reinforces acquired skills and capabilities. Lessons at the portal are exciting, since they are composed as games. 10-15 minute lessons a day allow preserving and increasing a level of acquired skills, accustom a student to use these skills in everyday life.    

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How lessons in ISMA are organized

The learning process is set up in such a manner, so that not only to provide each student with knowledge, but also mold strive to develop continuously and apply it in life.

4 programs:
- “Read correctly” (6-7 years)
- “Learn to understand” (7-9 years)
- “Reading and acceleration”(8-11 years)
- “Super speed” (11-16 years and older)

Experienced pedagogues psychologists, who were trained by the “Speed reading”program, run lessons

A child fulfills home assignments through our unique online portal

Each program consists of 15 exciting and educational lessons by 90 minutes

Not more than 6 students study in groups

Language of study: Russian, English

Fragments of lessons

Our students are the most talented and diligent ones!

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A little bit about us

Since 2013 “ISMA” International School is successfully working on the market of supplementary educational services. Today ISMAis one of the largest networks of mental arithmetic schools in CIS. Over 15 000 children study in our 150 centers in 8 countries. Our students successfully take part at international contests on mental arithmetic, held by the largest mental arithmetic associations in the world. And all this became possible owing to an efficient unique developed methodology, which is unrivaled throughout the world.


Satisfied parents and children – this is what allows us being proud of our work!

Frequently asked questions

Parents ask us different questions. Below are the most common.

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