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Worldwide Competition of Mental Arithmetic WAMAS 2019


International Association of Mental Arithmetic WAMAS invites all the mental arithmetic schools to join the Worldwide Competition “WAMAS-2019”, which will be held 22 and 23 June in Turkey, Antalya.

Prize fund up to 10 000$

Get your Superchampion cup!


Registration on International Competition will be open until June 9, 2019. For participation you need to fill in the fields below. Our manager will contact you soon.

Your details will not be given to third parties.

Terms of participation on Worldwide Competition:

  • Participant of the competition can be both: members of WAMAS or independent participants. Team members unlimited.
  • Competitions will be held among both students and instructors of all mental arithmetic methods.
  • Competitions between both -children and instructors will be held simultaneously, on the first day.
  • Each participant must have their own abacus and 3 well-sharpened simple pencils.
    Only a mechanical abacus can be used without automatically resetting the bones.
  • Those participants who win the highest score according to the coefficients indicated in the syllabus of this competition will win.

At this massive event you can get lots of unforgettable impressions, a great experience for children and adults, new acquaintances and an international certificate. You will find a fair and transparent refereeing, as well as advanced training for teachers. Competitions will be both between students and between teachers of mental arithmetic.